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First off, I want to say Wow! Yesterday’s blog (which I posted on Facebook first) about Dwight has reached so many as this story about his accident continues to be shared.

He has gained so much love and prayers through each of you who has heard about this. I’m also now realizing the number of hearts that have been changed for the good as a result of sharing his story and life. Bless each and every one of you!

So, how is Dwight?

We went to see him today. Now I sit down to breathe and cry! I said to Mike “I have never seen God work to this magnitude.” We just left Dwight’s side.

As I held his hand to say “Hi sweetheart”, his body moved and eyes slowly opened to me. He squeezed my so hand tight. I looked at my husband and said “Wow! Oh my gosh!”

We chatted with his nurse and lung specialist and they said it is a bit of a miracle that he’s getting slightly better, but he has a long way to go. Daily they are seeing improvements.

He’s in so much pain with fractures everywhere. His face is still in bad shape and head trauma is up and down but he knows his NAME!!!!

We prayed with him and wept as I know God is with him and has him. It’s so beautiful. He was restless as he wanted to almost talk. But it’s him struggling for so many reasons. Emotionally, physically and mentally!

I cannot say thank you to first God for hearing each of you who have prayed. They said Dwight is strong and I said he is… But we all know God is his strength right now. Wow is all I can say! Wow! Bless you all. More updates to come. This is beyond a miracle!!!!!

I found this picture of him from a few years ago. It was a good day for him, and he asked me if he could serve so I gave him this basket of treats. Look at those lit up eyes! I stared at this deeply today as I realized Dwight is already impacting lives–your life, my life, and those who read about this tragic accident and how amazing this homeless man is.

He is living out his purpose, even though he’s laying still in ICU.

Prayer works. Don’t give up! The support he has right now through you all is so beautiful and absolutely amazing. This love is how everyone we’ve ever judged, or snubbed, should receive. Like Dwight they each have a life and a story. We all do!

His message is worth so much. Use it to spread and change many lives! Wednesday at the feed we prayed for him with hundreds of his friends under the bridge.

Thank you again for all your prayers, words and love. God is pleased with you all.

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