Sponsor a Meal or Event


Thank you for your interest in helping the less fortunate in Spokane! Due to the increased blessings from the media, we are very excited to have so many people who want to serve; however, you must be scheduled in order to volunteer.

Most commonly asked questions:

  • WHO?  Opening your heart to serve the homeless and less fortunate, gives hope to our friends under the bridge. Not only do they walk away with a full belly but they also leave knowing that someone cares. That someone is you and we thank you for your support for our mission.​
  • WHEN? Wednesday night feeds, Summer and Winter events!
  • WHERE? Under the bridge off 4th and McClellan.
  • COST? With your $700.00 donation to sponsor a meal and/or allowing BUTB to facilitate a special meal exclusively for your group includes the ability to feed approximately 350 homeless men, women, and children. As well as the preparation, BUTB kitchen facility, and transportation to deliver the meal and other miscellaneous costs.​
    • OTHER OPTIONS: If your group chooses to prepare the meal yourselves in the BUTB kitchen, we can facilitate your needs to prepare the meal as well as shop for the items needed.
    • DONATION LOCATIONS: We are so blessed by your dedication to give much needed items for various reasons, but due to the fact that we have to weigh and sort through items before we hand them out please do not bring them to out weekly feeds. Please DO NOT bring any donations that are dirty with holes or hair on it. Coming to the our HUB on Wednesday’s are the easiest way 10am to 4pm to drop off, Or see our drop off locations for your donations.​

If you are interested in serving please send an email to Tania our Volunteer Coordinator:

​ she will get back to you with a date. Emails are not returned on Wednesdays due to the feed preparations. Please also understand scheduling must be done in advance, we are unable to do same day scheduling or cancellations.


For more information on how to sponsor at higher levels please email Jessica Kovac:

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