That afternoon was a typical Wednesday, spent planning and prepping for the weekly feed.

The ladies were in the kitchen wrapping cookies and Don and Mike were filling crates and baskets of groceries. I myself was running around, crazy busy like always. I noticed a man at the edge of our big bay door standing. I walked closer as he walked in.

“Can I help you?”, I asked. Before the man could speak he began to sob. He was sobbing so much he could not speak. I called out for Mike to join me in greeting this man. My heart was breaking, as he would not stop crying.

Mike asked him if he needed anything. “Are you hungry? With a heavy nod he sobbed YES! I panicked and ran into the kitchen asked the ladies to make him a to go box of food. In seconds they put together wraps, cookies, fruit, chips, and a sandwich. Mike walked this emotional man to a bench in the HUB for him to sit, eat and drink ice cold water.

We found out his name was Jason. I went over to sit with him to see if he was ok, rubbing his knee and his back. He was so upset and yet ashamed and humbled. He started to calm down a little. He said he was from Seattle and had a place up here to stay, but that it didn’t work out. I asked him if there was anything he needed and he begin to sob again. He said, “I don’t know, because I have never been homeless before.”

Oh my gosh!! My tears popped out. I told him how sorry I was and I was here to help him in any way I could. Every Wednesday we have a food pick up from UGM. Don our driver said, “Hey Jess, I wonder if UGM could help him?”  I offered the help, and he said yes, so at 2pm the guys loaded Jason in the van. We huddled in a circle and prayed with him. They took him and he signed up with no hesitation to their program.

Naturally Mike, Don and Loren were humbled, excited and emotional. I am so glad that he showed up. He said he didn’t even know what our HUB was. He just saw an open DOOR! Whew… Goosebumps!

Jason I know you are going to be okay. God will carry you because you were willing. Thank you for allowing me to witness your humility today. What an honor it was to meet your heart.

Blessings Under the Bridge is about so much more than a brown bag on a Wednesday night!