Today, Ashley our lead cook was planning this weeks menu at our facility.

She opened up our back roll-up door that faces weeds, trees and train tracks for some sunlight. Off to the right, she noticed a large pile of clothes and blankets. As she looked closer she realized there was two people huddled together sleeping. She wasn’t scared or freaked out and she didn’t call the police. Instead, she quietly tipped toed back into the warehouse to let them sleep. But she thought who is sleeping out behind our building and why? (Let’s call them John and Jane) Moments later she peeked her head and saw they were starting to wake. She gently said hi and instantly the couple sat up. Jane said as if she was in trouble, I’m sorry we didn’t know anyone was occupying this building. Ashley said gently it’s OK, you’re fine. Have you heard of BUTB? Jane said no, we haven’t. Ashley smiled and said we help people in your same circumstances. First thing, are you hungry? John said yes and Jane teared up. So Ashley whipped them up something hot to eat. Then she sat down with them. She wanted to hear “their story”! As the day went on Ashley gave them, clothes, socks, more food, drinks, backpacks, even a cord to charge their phone.

Ashley offered John and Jane her home to shower and Jane wept with shame. Who are you? Are you an angel? Why are you helping us? You don’t even know us. She was confused that instead of Ashley going to the police she went with her heart.

Jane works full time at a local retail store. John is looking for work as a cook. Their current story has them in search for a new home. So Ashley spent the day trying to help them find a new place to live. Jane is new to Spokane but most of all to sleeping outside and she’s scared. Soon Ashley asked me to meet John and Jane. I greeted them with a hug as Jane said thank you so much for your help. It wasn’t me it was Ashley. Later Ashley said I just feel deeply compelled to help them. They are so humble, ashamed and yet so thankful. Jane won’t take anything I offer without crying and John is so sweet. What I love is Ashley is the one who is blessed. Blessed for that unexpected moment opening that door. Blessed for being there at the right time to help them. Feeling blessed to meet such nice people that just need a little boost. But you see, If we don’t take time to hear someone’s story how we will know how to help? Or what they need. Thank you Ashley for listening. John and Jane our hearts are with you.