I am so happy to tell you that my friend Jesse is off the streets! WHOO HOO!

Mike and I have known Jesse for over 5 years. He is one of the nicest men I know. He lived under the bridge for years.

Those with BUTB that know him well know he is soft, gentle, and kind. He always asked to pray with us. Ziggy, Tabi, Mikaela, Peter, Brooke and Sarah would always form a group. He would start and I would close. He always said the same thing. “Lord thank you for these wonderful people, thank you for my health, and keep me one more day”.

He is sick and it killed us to see him freezing. Jesse was always struggling to survive and would travel just to find comfort. BUTB has always tried to make sure he had what he needed. His camouflage coat and his teary eyes are what we love most, and now he and Montana his girlfriend, who he met under the bridge, have a new place they can call home.

Jesse, my friend, our friend I am so excited that after more than 10 years you are warm, safe and can rest your head in peace. My prayer is you stay warm, safe and rest. That you know how much we love you and are so very proud of you!!