Carrol Ann is remembered for her smile.

Her life radiated joy that never seemed to fit her circumstances. Every time I saw her, she beamed a smile that started in her eyes and radiated out to the edges of her face. I didn’t know her well, but she touched me.

Her husband Clay wrote his thoughts out, and read them with as much eloquence as someone deep in grief could possibly manage. His love for her, and her love for him are unquestionable.

Memories were shared by friends, and songs were lifted into the air in tribute to the life she lived and the love she displayed to everyone who knew her.

It is humbling, standing in the cold in my multiple layers of clothing, tears in my eyes as her life was reviewed. Her friends, many of whom will be sleeping outside in the freezing temperatures tonight, gathered to remember her. So who am I? But she touched my life too.

This thing we do downtown Spokane has never been about the bridge. It’s not about the homeless. It’s not even about the meal. It’s about dignity and love and respect and treating others the way we want to be treated.

We are all just a tiny piece of this huge world the Lord created, and even someone whose life seems insignificant can reflect the love of God and make a difference in it. Every one of us, from rich to homeless, and college degreed to high school dropouts, can make an impact on people.

Carrol Ann’s life did not go unnoticed by God, and now she can dance without pain.

God bless you Carrol Ann!!

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