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Fall 2007 – Founding of BUTB

Jessica Kovac working as a server in an upscale restaurant used her tips and joy and never knew her life would never be the same. After years of struggle in her own life, Jessica found herself on the verge of divorce after 17 years of marriage. Her spirit was alive as she felt God stirring her to help those in search of hope on the downtown streets of Spokane, Washington. Knowing this was something beyond her, she trusted God’s guidance and prepared 40 brown bags along with a case of water. On that cold October morning, she stepped out in faith. The Blessed Brown Bag was born that day. That step has since changed her life, restored her marriage and encouraged others to join her. Jessica’s husband Mike was skeptical on many levels but as she kept serving his life changed too. Four Saturdays later they became a team making friendships with many homeless and less fortunate.

First Winter event serves over 400 people

Soon they had decided to bring Christmas to the “Living Rooms” of the homeless and on December 22, 2007, the first annual Blessings Under The Bridge event was born. With linens on the tables a hot gourmet brunch and dozens of volunteers they served on the pavement under the freeway of downtown Spokane. Since then the “Blessings” have been unending.

June 2010 – BUTB Becomes an official non profit

Sept. 2010 – Homer

One major blessing occurred as their lives intersected with a 58-year old homeless man named Homer Hill, who was living under the freeway bridge. Over the next three years, Homer and Mike became close as the Kovac’s labored to set Homer on a road of recovery. In September 2010 Jessica and Mike had the honor of reuniting Homer with his daughter and son. He had not seen them for 28 years his family believing him to be dead. Homer is just one of many stories that came about all because of a Blessed Brown Bag. Today through their weekly feeds (every Wednesday night, under the freeway overpass (at 4th & McClellan), summer and winter events they have been able to allow others to take part in the amazing blessings. They have many success stories from reuniting the homeless with families, building relationships and bringing hope.

July 2011 – 1st Annual Summer Event

These events have brought over 1000 people together. Blessings Under the Bridge is looking forward to many more annual events in their future.

Sept. 2011 – BUTB gets their first building

Sept. 2011 – BUTB gets their first building

Mar. 2012 – BUTB serves their first hot meals

Apr. 2013 – BUTB receives their first BUTB vehicle

June 2014 – Winner of Small non profit of the year Greater Spokane

June 2014 – People Magazine

Mike and Jessica’s story was featured in the “Angelina issue” of People Magazine!

Feb. 2015 – Rachael Ray Show in NY

Apr. 2015 – Ted Talk

June 2015 – Hoopfest Team Established

Created the first and only Homeless basketball team to play in Hoopfest

Oct. 2015 – Officially becomes part of Microsoft’s annual Give Campaign

Oct. 2015 – Homer passes away

Dec. 2016 – First Difference Maker of Spokane (Spokesman Review)

April 2017 – Lifetime Show Live Life Forward

Aug. 2017 – Windermere Foundation Commercial

Featuring BUTB and GU Nigel Williams Goss

Dec. 2017 – A Blessings Under The Bridge “The Book”

July 2018 – First Wedding Under the Bridge

Aug. 2018 – Mobile Medical Clinic reveal Molina Healthcare

May 2019 – Blessings Under the Bridge and Beyond Pilot Program


Over 12 years later they served over 100,000 in Spokane, WA, along with California and Hawaii and plan to continue the mission to Feed, Clothe, Serve, Love and bring Spokane even more Blessings Under the Bridge. Upcoming: Blessings Portal

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