As I laid my head to rest after a long day prepping for the feed and Sodas memorial I thought to myself why do we do what we do? As I sat next to Clay on the concrete with Sodas friends I could smell urine, alcohol, and sweat. But in that moment I realized it was a honor to sit down literally on their level.W

We listened to my friend and amazing Mentor Steve Allen share the words of Christ to speak of Sodas resting place and just how much God loved Soda and all the people that were clinging on to Gods words of hope for them. That God could use Sodas passing as a blessing for so many. As Steve allowed voices from Sodas friends and our volunteers share their heart, cries and loss, it hit me as Steve said we all have different kinds of families and these people were Soda`s including those of us with BUTB. That its asked of us to love one another. Not pick and choose.

When Jen begin to sing I Will Remember You, Will You Remember Me? I felt goosebumps. I know for me and so many who sacrifice their hearts weekly or monthly on Wednesday that they remember what it feels like to serve someone who is alone, hungry, cold, dehydrated, partially naked, even drunk, loud, angry or simply looking for acknowledgement. If we don’t remember, how can we bring hope and build friendships with them like we did with Soda Pop?

I realize that what we do weekly seems out of the ordinary even taking time to plan a memorial for Soda who to many away from the bridge was just a bum. But to us he wasn’t another homeless number, a waste who you can mark off as another cremated statistic. Soda had a purpose he allowed us to serve and love him for many years. And through that he changed many lives.

We love you Charles “Soda Pop”.