Remember Tara who we posted about recently, who passed away?

Mike and Tara had a connection that was very special. She was homeless and had many children she gave up for adoption. Oh, what a beautiful woman she was.

When she passed unexpectedly, it broke our hearts. She was working so hard to make her life better. When she passed one of the mothers who adopted 2 of her sweet girls reached out. Then the mother of another child, then family and relatives all to say thank you for loving Tara. Bless them all.

Ironically, two of her girls are friends with Violet and Adeline!! Crazy! Last night they came to serve under the same bridge where their mother had lived.

Lily and Morgan are so beautiful and look just like Tara, with her sweet sparkle. My husband sobbed his eyes out along with Christina, their adoptive mother. How unique and divinely planned that they would end up crossing paths with Blessings under these sad circumstances. It literally blows my mind.

What touches me so much is the kindness this family conveyed to us, and through their children! As adoptive parents, the love they have for Tara is amazing. I can’t tell you all the things that happen weekly, only that it confirms where the name Blessings Under the Bridge came from!

It’s not us, it’s others like the homeless that bring the “Blessings Under the Bridge!” To Tara’s family, our hearts are with you all!